Stay Warm in Style

Kate’s Covers offers you an affordable solution to covering unsightly, exposed radiators, baseboard heaters and air conditioning / heating units.  We have been designers of custom-made enclosures for homes, schools and hospitals for over 60 years and our personal service of in-home measuring and delivery is not offered by our competitors.

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Style and Safety

pg1num2Attractively designed radiator covers are available in a wide variety of styles from a basic grill design to an elaborate enclosure that includes louver grills and bookend shelves.  By covering your radiators, you protect your children and pets from burns, improve efficiency of your heating system and make your room visually appealing with a decorative display area.  A beautiful room is just a phone call away!



  • 20 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Completely Welded Units
  • Hinged Tops for Easy Access to Valves
  • Insulated Tops for Decorative User
  • Energy Efficient Air Circulation
  • Protects Children and Pets from Direct Contact with Radiators
  • Rounded Corners and Double-Beveled Sides for Safety
  • Prevents Heat Damage to Draperies and Walls
  • Four Coats of Baked on Enamel in Five Colors


We Custom Measure


Each radiator is different and that’s why we like to come to your home or office in the New York Metro area to take exact measurements.  Some radiators are recessed into the wall or have pipes extended into the next room that need special adjustments. A window sill that extends over a radiator will need a certain type of cover for proper installation.  Each of our covers is custom made to your specific need.



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